Purchasing a Property

Here is an overview of the conveyancing process for purchasing property, and some of what we do to ensure your property transaction is as stress free as possible.

Before Exchange:

Once you have found a property, and your offer has been accepted, we will get a Sales Advice containing the details for the purchase. We then contact you to confirm these details are correct.

Then we:

  • Request a copy of the Contract from the Vendor’s Solicitor/Conveyancer;
  • Review the Contract;
  • Arrange an appointment with you to discuss the contents of the Contract;
  • Inspect Council records, order a Strata Report (if applicable);
  • Request any alterations or Special Conditions to the Contract, and ensure you are satisfied before proceeding to exchange.

Once you have completed all of your “due diligence” (e.g. inspection of Council records, Pest and Building Reports, Strata Reports etc) and paid the Deposit to the Agent, we then make the necessary arrangements for exchange of contracts to occur.

Following exchange:

We continue our investigations on Title, order any further searches from Government Authorities, Council etc. We prepare settlement figures and provide these to you and to the Vendor’s Solicitor.

We will:

  • Attend to electronic settlement on your behalf, and ensure all documents are in order;
  • Pay settlement monies to the vendor’s Solicitor/Conveyancer; and
  • Contact you and the Agent to confirm settlement has occurred.

Following settlement:

  • We notify you, the Agent and your Broker (if applicable);
  • Provide you and your Agent with a letter confirming the details of settlement; and
  • Store your file for a period of 7 years, making it easy for you to provide us with instructions in the future, should you decide to sell the property, or in the event you decide to purchase another property.